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Welcome to Jemley Birmans Boarding Cattery.

Licensed to board & fully insured.


We require a full up to date vaccination certificate for each cat, confirming that it has been inoculated against Feline Infectious Enteritis & cat flu.
They should be up to date with any worm and flea treatments.


You are more than welcome to provide your own food for your cats stay with us. However we will provide good quality wet food and biscuits if required. Fresh drinking water is provided once to twice per day as needed.

BEDDING We provide some comfortable bedding for your cats including heat pads underneath during the winter and the required safety heaters installed in the cattery when the weather is cold. Owners are more than welcome to bring their own as well.
ILLNESS We will do our utmost to ensure your cats have a happy and healthy stress free time with us, however should your cat fall ill he will be taken to your current vet or ours whichever is the more local. Costs for this are to paid by yourselves upon collection. An invoice will be provided.

You are charged on your first day of arrival no matter what the time. We have a minimum 3 day stay charge. Cats collected on departure day before 10.30am will not be charged for that day, however any time after that the full days charge is added. Payment preferable up front on drop off. If you cannot collect your cat at the times stated, please call to let us know. We cannot always guarantee during peak times being able to cater for your cat an extra day.


As we are a small cattery any short notice cancellations means we may have incurred a loss. Therefore we ask for a small cancellation charge at our discretion if notice less than 2 weeks is given.
Owners are asked to fill out their cats details and up to date emergency telephone numbers for while you are away.
REGISTRATION We will require a a copy of you and your cats' details when you board with us, if possible please print and complete this  Boarding Form, but dont worry if you can't print it, we have some ready for completion when you arrive.


Lastly, thank you for bringing your cat to us. He or she will have plenty of attention, love and the utmost care in a quiet stress free environment. Peace of mind while you are away.
We hope you enjoy your holiday and hope to see you again!

Linda Russell
Owner/Proprietor of Jemley Birmans
Boarding Cattery & Breeder of the Sacred Cat of Burma.


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