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Welcoming our latest arrival -

Amazolou TicklesAmazolou Tickles

Lottie gained a 1st in all her classes and had a red card day at CRAOV show October 20th 2013.

Lottie enjoyed herself very much and found it all quite fascinating!

Amazolou Tickles (Lottie)

Amazolou Tickles (Lottie)

Thankyou to Zoe Amarilli for entrusting us with this precious little girl. 
We hope to have our very first selkirk Rex litter from her one day.

In the meantime she will be endeavouring on a show career!

Good luck Lottie.

Amazolou Tickles
Amazolou Tickles (Lottie)
Black tipped silver shaded longhair curly coated selkirk rex!

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